Cowgirl Swank Classic

The Old West Trail Rodeo,Inc. is pleased to present the 3rd annual
Cowgirl Swank Classic - Women's Ranch Rodeo
Friday, July 24th at 7 pm and Saturday, July 25th, 2015 at 7 pm
in Crawford, Nebraska.

2013 Results

This two-day event will be sanctioned by the Women's Ranch Rodeo Association. The average winners of both days will be qualified to compete in the WRRA's World Finals, which will be held in Loveland, Colorado on October 17th and 18th.

There will be a maximum of 16 teams allowed to enter. Each team consists of 4 women. They will compete in 5 events:  trailer loading, doctoring, calf branding, sorting, and tie down. The rules of the WRRA will be followed for all events. A list of the complete rules can be found on the WRRA's website. Entries will take place 3 weeks before the event (Friday, June 27th opening at 6 am MST. Prizes will be awarded for 1st - 4th place in the average each day as well as for the 1st - 4th of the weekend average. We also plan to pay 1st and 2nd in each event of each day. We are proud to be able to offer 100% payback in the Women's Ranch Rodeo thanks to various local donations that we have received. We are also having an OPEN Stray Gathering on Saturday at 9 am and a Jackpot Team Roping on Sunday at 10 am. Here is our schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, July 19th - Old West Trail Rodeo Arena, Crawford, NE
Women's Ranch Rodeo Meeting - 11 am - Old West Trail Rodeo Arena Building
*All contestants are required to attend the meeting*
Open Stray Gathering - 1 pm (See rules below)
Women's Ranch Rodeo #1 - Follows the Team Introduction/Calcutta after the conclusion of the Open Stray Gathering
Proudly presenting:  an acoustic performance by Rehme Sutton at the fairgrounds - starts at 9 pm at the OWTR Arena Building. No tickets needed. Will pass the hat to cover her travel costs.

Sunday, July 20th - Old West Trail Rodeo Arena, Crawford, NE
Women's Ranch Rodeo Cowgirl Church - 8 am - Old West Trail Rodeo Arena Building
Officiating:  Donna Shedeed from Hermosa, SD. (Concessions will have breakfast available after the service.)
*Offerings will be accepted to assist in covering Donna's travel costs.
Women's Ranch Rodeo #2 - 10 am
*Awards ceremony will follow approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last event of the day. Top Hand and Top Horse will be voted on by a hand-selected, secret judge. Winners will be announced at our awards ceremony.* We will be serving cake and lemonade to celebrate our fun weekend. Family members are welcome to attend!

We are pleased to announced that our Official Photographer is:  Diana Volk

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The Open Stray Gathering may be limited to a certain number of teams (to be determined on July 19th based on steer numbers). You may be able to enter up to 3 times, but two members on your team must be different each time you enter. Entry fees are $200/ team or $50/man. Fees will be paid in CASH the morning of the stray gathering. The secretary's office will open at 11 am and close at 12:30 pm. You MUST be entered and paid by 12:30. There will be a mandatory meeting to go over the rules in the arena at 12:45 pm. Stray Gathering will start at 1 pm. 1st through 4th place will be paid out in cash immediately following the conclusion of the Open Stray Gathering (contingent on adequate entries/subject to change) minus the stock charge. Buckles will also be awarded to the winning team!
Open Stray Gathering Rules:  Each team of 4 will break into two pairs and start behind a time line. Two steers will be turned out at the opposite end of the arena. Time will start when the first team member crosses the line. Each team pair MUST head and heel the two steers. You can only rope with your designated partner and you can only rope once (you cannot help your other team mates rope their steer). You are allowed to help tie the steer once the other team pair gets the steer roped on both ends. Once you have headed and heeled your steer you have to tie the steer with any three legs. Once both steers have been tied they must stay tied for 6 seconds. Head ropes must be off in order to call time and no tying on. If either steer or both steers untie in the 6 seconds the team will be given a no time. Each team will have to sign a waiver the morning of the Open Stray Gathering before competing. There will be a 2 minute time limit to complete the gathering. Payback will be cash for the first 4 places minus the stock charge. Breakdown will be 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.

Various vendors will be set up at the rodeo grounds for all events. We will also have concessions available!

For lodging or tourist attraction information, please check out Fort Robinson State Park or Crawford, Nebraska's website.
For more information or questions, please contact Cheyenne Wilson at 605-891-1827 or by email at

Also, a special THANK YOU to our sponsors and donors. We couldn't do this without your help!
2014 Sponsors/Donors

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